Source Books Bibliography

Title Author Suggested Audience Subject Area
Napi Ramirez, Antonio Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature, Language Arts
Native American Animal Stories Bruchac, Joseph and Michael Caduto Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Math and Science, Language Arts
Native American Gardening Bruchac and Caduto Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Health
Native American Stories Bruchac, Joseph Adult Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Native North Americans in Literature For Youth Garcha,Rajinder Adult Education and Pedagogy, Reference, Indigenous Studies
Native Plant Stories Bruchac, Joseph Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature, Math and Science
Native Roots Weatherford,Jack Adult History
Native Science Cajete,Dr.Gregory Adult Math and Science, Indigenous Studies
Night Flying Woman Broker, Ignatia Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Night of the Last Katun, The Ac Tah Adult Indigenous Studies, Social Studies
Noble Red Man King,Matthew Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Not My Girl Jordan-Fenton, Christy Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Official Knowledge Apple,Michael Adult Indigenous Studies
Ohitika Woman Brave Bird, Mary Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Ojibwa Warrior : Dennis Banks and the Rise of the American Indian Movement Banks and Erdoes Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Ojibwe Mowin, Series I Vollom,Judith and Thomas Adult Indigenous Languages
Okla Hannali Lafferty, R.A. Adult Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
Old Indian Days Eastman, Charles A. Young Adult (grades 9-12) Oral Literature, Indigenous Studies
On Behalf Of The Wolf And the First Peoples Marshall,Joseph III Adult Indigenous Studies, Language Arts, Social Studies
On The Justice Of Roosting Chickens Churchill, Ward Adult Indigenous Studies, History