Source Books Bibliography

Title Author Suggested Audiencesort ascending Subject Area
Waasa Inaabidaa (We look in All Directions) Peacock and Wisuri Adult Indigenous Studies
Beloved child: A Dakota Way of Life Wilson, Diane Adult Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
Native Science Cajete,Dr.Gregory Adult Math and Science, Indigenous Studies
Soul of an Indian, The Eastman, Charles A. Adult Indigenous Studies, Health
Killing Of Crazy Horse, The Powers, Thomas Adult History
Seat Of The Soul, The Zukav, Gary Adult Health, Education and Pedagogy
Grass Dancer, The Power,Susan Adult Language Arts
Always a People Kohn/Montell Adult Indigenous Studies, Social Studies, Language Arts
Journey Of Crazy Horse, The Marshall,Joseph III Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Decolonizing Methodologies Smith,Linda Tuhiwai Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies, Education and Pedagogy
To You We Shall Return Marshall III, Joseph Adult Indigenous Studies
Dakota or Sioux in Minnesota as they were in 1834, The Pond,Samuel Adult History
Look To The Mountain Cajete,Dr.Gregory Adult Education and Pedagogy, Indigenous Studies, Math and Science
Boarding School Seasons Child, Brenda J. Adult History, Indigenous Studies
Tribes, Treaties and Constitutional Tribulations Deloria,Jr and Wilkins Adult Tribal Law, History, Indigenous Studies
Yellow Woman And A Beauty Of The Spirit Silko,Leslie M. Adult Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
State Of Native America, The Jaimes, M. Annette Adult Indigenous Studies
Wielding Words Like Weapons Churchill, Ward Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies
Art Of Critical Pedagogy, The Duncan-Andrade and Morrell Adult Education and Pedagogy
Chronicles of American Indian Protest Council on Interracial Books for Children,The Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, History