Indigenous Studies

Red Pedagogy

An excellent book about the relevance of and need for Indigenous forms of education as a means to cultural survival for Indigenous peoples and for the survival of the human bioshere as a whole. For myself, it more clearly defines and distniguishes two paradigms: Indigenous civilization versus Colonial civilization.(Education) 

Power and Place

Examines the issues facing Native American students as they progress through schools, colleges and on into professions.This collection of sixteen essays is at once philosophical, practical and visionary.It is an effort to open the discussion about the unique experience of Native Americans and offers a concise reference for administrators, educators, students and community leaders involved with Indian education.(Indigenous Education) 

Old Indian Days

A Kessinger reprint of Charles Eastman’s classic collection of Dakota stories. A great resource for storytelling and/or studies of indigenous oral tradition, the stories are written in fine prose and contain insights into a time when humans stiil understood their responsibility to the world.(Literature/Oral Tradition) 

Ohitika Woman

 Continues the biography begun in Lakota Woman.The story of Mary Brave Bird (formerly Crow Dog), a Lakota activist, mother and warrior. Sometimes used in our Woman’s Health class at Nawaye Center School. (Minneapolis)(Subjects include History and Literature) 


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