Indigenous Studies

God is Red

A book about Native spirituality and the failure of Christianity to take its’ place because of the inability of that institution to operate according to its’ stated principles.(Indigenous Culture and Worldview) 

Exiled In The Land Of The Free

Chronicles the influence Indigenous peoples have had on the development of democratic tradition in Western culture and the inspiration they provided for the writing of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Includes essays by eight noted Native scholars, focusing on the Six Nations and their role during the European struggle for North American hegemony.(History)


Twenty stories from Indigenous peoples from all over the continent are tied together in the story of a young Lakota who is learning the oral traditions from his grandfather.Out of eighty-seven speaking parts, eighty-six are portrayed by Native actors.Comes with a soundtrack CD and special features.Running time is 180 minutes.(Native Culture/Oral Tradition) 

Custer Died For Your Sins

“Deloria writes about the red man’s situation in America with ironic, mordant wit, and in the process he resolutely destroys the stereotypes and myths that white society has built up around the Indian”(from Newsweek, March 1973)( Contemporary Native America)

Crazy Horse, Strange Man Of The Oglalas

One of the few biographies of Crazy Horse that attempt to show the human side of the man.The author uses a lot of first-hand accounts by Crazy Horse’s Lakota and Cheyenne peers as her primary sources of information, making the book somewhat more accurate than many other such books which were written “at a distance”.This is not just the story of one man , but of a people who are being pushed out of the way by thoughtless colonization called “progress” by its authors.(Lakota History/American History) 

Contemporary Native American Political Issues

An excellent resource on that murky topic known as Federal Indian Law. Contains writings that are topically arranged, which offer insights into the complexity and diversity of Native American political life. The writings are followed by critical studies that offer perspectives from a variety of Indigenous Nations as they continue to struggle for survival.A collection of stories and essays about Native American political life, each introduced by the editor.

Collected Wisdom

The “Collected Wisdom” of sixty teachers of Native American students who were intreviewed by the authors during a three-year study of what works with Native students and what effects cultural differences have on their educational success.Explores: Language Issues, The History of Oppression, Student Motivation and other factors and concerns.(Education/Best Practices) 


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