Social Studies

Always a People

A collection of biographies/oral histories of/by contemporary Native persons from the woodlands areas of North America, each accompanied with an oil portrait.(Contemporary Native America) 

A People's History Of The United States

The real history of the United States. That is, from the view of ordinary people such as Natives,African Slaves, Women, Workers and others who make history, but are always omitted from the historical record. Beginning with “Columbus, The Indians and Human Progress”, where he recounts the history of Columbus’ brutal colonization of the Bahamas, Professor Zinn distills truth from myth ,ending with the final (so far) chapter on the 2000 Election and the “War on Terrorism”.A thinking man’s history as opposed to a chronicle of presidential administrations since George Washington.(History) 


"1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" tells the story of indigenous Americans before Columbus. The main thesis of the book is that populations and civilizations in pre-Columbian America were much larger than most people are aware. It emphasizes that the land that Europeans thought was wilderness had actually been molded by generations of indigenous Americans; it talks in length about how scientists are now discovering that the richness of the rainforest was created by sustainable indigenous land management.


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