Cultural Resource Bibliography

Sovereign Bones

An anthology of essaya by Native authors centered around the theme of cultural survival and revitalization, illustrating some of the many ways Indigenous have adapted to,and survived, colonization.(Native literature/Indigenous Culture)

Shell Shaker

A suspenseful novel that brings to light the connection between past and present in the Indigenous concept of time.Two murders, one in the distant past and the other in modern-day Oklahoma, are solved together as a family’s history comes full circle.(Indigenous Literature)

Igniting The Sparkle

This book presents concepts that have been used for thousands of years in Ingigenous education. Dr.Cajete shows how we can inetgrate native ways of learning and teaching with mainstream education to revitalize the Euro-American educational system.(Indigenous Teaching/Best Practices)

Spider Woman's Granddaughters

A powerful collection of traditional tales,biographical writings, and contemporary short stories including writings by:Anna Lee Walters,LeAnne Howe,Leslie Marmon Silko,Linda Hogan,Louise Erdrich,Mary TallMountain,Misha Gallagher,Paula Gunn Allen and Vicki L. Sears.
(Indigenous Oral Literature)


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