Source Books Bibliography

Title Author Suggested Audiencesort descending Subject Area
Boarding School Seasons Child, Brenda J. Adult History, Indigenous Studies
Tribes, Treaties and Constitutional Tribulations Deloria,Jr and Wilkins Adult Tribal Law, History, Indigenous Studies
Yellow Woman And A Beauty Of The Spirit Silko,Leslie M. Adult Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
Contemporary Native American Political Issues Johnson,Troy R. Adult Tribal Law, Indigenous Studies
Reclaiming Ingigenous Voice and Vision Battiste,Marie Adult Indigenous Studies
Indian Givers Weatherford,Jack Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Walking The Rez Road Northrup,Jim Adult Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Everything You Always wanted To Know About Indians But Were Afraid To Ask Treuer, Anton Adult Indigenous Studies
Sacred Fireplace Catches, Peter S.,Sr. Adult Indigenous Studies
Native North Americans in Literature For Youth Garcha,Rajinder Adult Education and Pedagogy, Reference, Indigenous Studies
World We Used To Live In, The Deloria,Vine Jr. Adult Indigenous Studies
Manitous, The Johnston, Basil Adult Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
George Crum and the Saratoga Chip Taylor, Gaylia Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, History, Social Studies
Jingle Dancer Smith, Cynthia Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Napi Ramirez, Antonio Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature, Language Arts
Not My Girl Jordan-Fenton, Christy Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Dancing With The Cranes Armstrong, Jeanette Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Social Studies
Where Did You Get Your Moccasins...? Wheeler, Bernelda Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Sky Sisters Waboose, Jan Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts, Indigenous Languages
Red Sash, The Pendziwol, Jean Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts, History