Young Adult (grades 9-12)

Voices of the Rainbow : Contemporary Poetry by Native Americans

Kenneth Rosen’s haunting volume of poetry proves that the powerful and moving voice of Native Americans must be heard. More than two hundred poems embrace anguish, pride, and hope, representing twenty-four tribal affiliations, including, Sioux, Pawnee, Choctaw, Seminole, Laguna Pueblo, Cherokee, Anishinabe, Mohawk, Seneca, and Seminole. An Indian leader once asked a U.S. president: “What visions, under the white man’s way, are offered that will cause today’s children to want tomorrow to come?” In a sense, each poem in this volume is an attempt to confront and answer that very question.

All The Way : My Life On Ice

The autiobiography of Jordin Tootoo, from Rankin Inlet, the first Inuit to ever play in the National Hockey League. Many will readily identify with his struggle against racism, alcoholism and poverty. The honesty of his story is both shocking and relatable and shares some important insight into what life for young Native Americans is too often like. For those non-native teachers who are wondering about what home life is like for some of our more challenging students this book may be a helpful read.

Crazy Horse: The Lakota Warrior's Life and Legacy

The first biography of Crazy Horse authored by members of his family. An interesting book that clears up many inaccuracies and sheds additional light on the man and his people and culture. This book should be the first source people turn to who want to learn about Crazy Horse and the time period in which he lived. Many thanks to the Edward Clown family for sharing their family's oral history with us.

One Native Life

One Native Life is Richard Wagamese’s look back at the long road he traveled in reclaiming his identity. It's about the things he's learned as a human being, a man, and an Ojibway. Whether he's writing about playing baseball, running away with the circus, listening to the wind, or meeting Johnny Cash, these are stories told in a healing spirit. Through them, Wagamese shows how to appreciate life for the remarkable learning journey it is.


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