Source Books Bibliography

Title Author Suggested Audiencesort descending Subject Area
The Legend of The Lady Slipper Larsen,Preus Grades 3-5 Indigenous Studies, Indigenous Languages
The Unbreakable Code Hunter, Sara Grades 3-5 Indigenous Studies, History
A Coyote Columbus Story King, Thomas Grades 3-5 Indigenous Studies, History, Social Studies
The Creator's Game Coulson, Art Grades 3-5 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Fatty Legs Pokiak-Fenton, Margaret Grades 3-5 Indigenous Studies, Education and Pedagogy, History
Stranger at Home, A Pokiak-Fenton, Margaret Grades 3-5 Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet Bruchac,Joseph Middle School (grades 6-8) Language Arts, Oral Literature, Indigenous Studies
The Four Hills Of Life Peacock and Wisuri Middle School (grades 6-8) Education and Pedagogy, Indigenous Studies, Social Studies
Birchbark House, The Erdrich Middle School (grades 6-8) Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
Dreamkeepers Halmi,Robert Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Native Plant Stories Bruchac, Joseph Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature, Math and Science
Inni Natig's Gift of Sugar Wittstock, Kakkak Middle School (grades 6-8) Oral Literature, Indigenous Studies
Native American Gardening Bruchac and Caduto Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Health
Native American Animal Stories Bruchac, Joseph and Michael Caduto Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies, Math and Science, Language Arts
The Sacred Harvest: Ojibwe Wild Rice Gathering Reggiunti, Kakkak Middle School (grades 6-8) Indigenous Studies
Water Lilly Deloria,Ella Middle School (grades 6-8) History, Indigenous Studies
A Little Matter of Genocide : Holocaust in the Americas 1492 To The Present Churchill, Ward Young Adult (grades 9-12) Social Studies, Indigenous Studies
Chronicles of American Indian Protest Council on Interracial Books for Children,The Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, History
Keepers Of The Animals Caduto and Bruchac Young Adult (grades 9-12) Math and Science, Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Everyday Lakota Karol,Joseph S. Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Languages