Source Books Bibliography

Title Author Suggested Audience Subject Area
Tribes, Treaties and Constitutional Tribulations Deloria,Jr and Wilkins Adult Tribal Law, History, Indigenous Studies
Trudell Rae,Heather Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Tunkashila Hausman,Gerald Adult Indigenous Studies
Turtle Island Alphabet Hausman,Gerald Adult
Voices From Wounded Knee Akwesasne Notes Adult History
Voices of the Rainbow : Contemporary Poetry by Native Americans Rosen, Kenneth Young Adult (grades 9-12) Social Studies, Language Arts, Oral Literature
Waasa Inaabidaa (We look in All Directions) Peacock and Wisuri Adult Indigenous Studies
Walking The Choctaw Road Tingle,Tim Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Walking The Rez Road Northrup,Jim Adult Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Walking With Grandfather Marshall,Joseph III Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Water Lilly Deloria,Ella Middle School (grades 6-8) History, Indigenous Studies
We are Still Here Bancroft, Wittstock Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, History
We Can't Teach What We Don't Know Howard,Gary Adult Indigenous Studies
We Have The Right To Exist Wub-E Ke-Niew Adult Indigenous Studies, History
What Does Justice Look Like? Waziyatawin Adult History, Indigenous Studies
What's An Indian Woman To Do ? Rolo, Mark Anthony Young Adult (grades 9-12) Language Arts, Drama
When I Was Eight Fenton, Christy Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, History, Language Arts
Where Did You Get Your Moccasins...? Wheeler, Bernelda Grades K-2 Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
Where White Men Fear To Tread Means,Russell w/Marvin Wolf Adult History, Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Wielding Words Like Weapons Churchill, Ward Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies