Cultural Resource Bibliography

Good Path, The

Nine universal lessons of courage, honor and cooperation using traditional Native stories as a vehicle for instruction.Can be used to teach aspects of Ojibwe history and culture as well as overall health and self-improvement. This book is well-illustrated and contains high-interest activities for kids.

(Ojibwe Language and Culture/Health)


Food Revolution, The

The truth about popular diets,genetically modified foods,Mad Cow disease and the effects of the foods you eat on your health and the health of the planetary ecosystem. Well-written, readable and very informative, this book illuminates the danger of losing our connection to the foods provided for us by nature.



Everlasting Sky, The

Professor Vizenor’s classic first book of essays, focusing on reservation life during the 1970s, including the emergence of the American Indian Movement.Vizenor juxtaposes snapshots of contemporary life against images and dream sequences from Anishinabe oral traditiions and ceremonies.

(Ojibwe History and Culture)



Dance House, The

Stories from the Sicangu Lakota generated from the experiences of the reservation era.Illustrative of the Indigenous worldview and the importance of maintaining and sharing Indigenous culture. An engrossing read.



Four Hills Of Life, The

An Ojibwe teaching about the stages in human life and how we grow in wisdom as we respond to challenges and learn to accept responsibilities.Contains text, illustrations and activities developed especially for kids.This is good resource for helping children deal with difficulties in thoughtful and mindful ways.

(Ojibwe Culture)


Teaching With Love And Logic

A very useful book about classroom management and the development of positive relationships that are free of power struggles.Teach students to discipline themselves, think for themselves and make better decisions by allowing them to learn from the real-world consequences of their choices.(Education) 


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