Cultural Resource Bibliography

Mishomis Book, The

“A brief glimpse into the magnitude and depth of the spiritual history and heritage of the Ojibwe people.” Well illustrated, containing some of the sacred teachings of the Ojibwe.( An excellent resource for Ojibwe History and Culture.)


Manitous, The

A collection of stories from the Ojibwe oral traditions about Manitous, the beings of the spirit world, and their roles here in the natural world (i.e. Turtle Island/North America ). This is a good resource for those interested in learning/teaching about Ojibwe culture.

Long Death, The


A linear historical accounting of the invasion of the Great Plains by the United States that resulted in the deaths of a great many Native Americans and the loss of their lands and freedom.(1862-1891).It is a truly sad story, but very instructive for those who would like to learn from this history…

(American History, American Indian History and Culture)


Lakota Way, The

Key Lakota values and principles are illustrated in stories and essays from Lakota oral tradition. This book really serves to show the value of stories as teaching tools and the tremendous wisdom that is the essence of indigenous oral tradition.

(Lakota Culture/Oral Tradition)


Journey Of Crazy Horse, The

A Lakota biography of Crazy Horse. ( Probably the first )This book provides a well-rounded, realistic perspective of the man and his life that bring to light the story of someone who exemplifies the Lakota ideals of leadership.Crazy Horse is much more than a military leader, but also a husband, son, hunter and friend.



Heart Of The Soul,The

A guide (if you would) for developing emotional awareness, a very important type of awareness for a teacher to have and to perhaps share with their students.Troubled students and adults may benefit from the principles taught in this book, which can be used to develop internal resources for handling our emotional responses to stressful circumstances.




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