Cultural Resource Bibliography

Genocide Of The Mind

A collection of essays recording the determination of native people to retain their languages and culture. In sharing these experiences it is hoped that the secret of the survival of Indigenous societies will pass from legend into contemporary awareness.Includes contributions by Paula Gunn Allen,Simon Ortiz, Leslie Marmon Silko, Marijo Moore and many others.

Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens

(Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness) This book adresses the need for a return to indigenous diet and lifestyle by looking at the impact of a colonized existence on Indigenous peoples and examining healthier options such as traditional gardening,sports and other physical activities and traditional cooking and food preparation.Very appropiate for Diabetes prevention curriculum. (Health and Nutrition, Indigenous Language and Culture, Science)

The Power of Four: Leadership Lessons Of Crazy Horse

This book offers an Indigenous perspective on leadership, using the example set by the Lakota leader Crazy Horse as a model.Four key principles sre identified:Know yourself, Know your friends,Know the enemy, and Lead the way.The author attempts to show the universality of such principles and how it can be applied in contemporary times, not only as a guide for what leaders should be and how to lead, but also as an effective method for evaluating today’s leaders.(Social Studies/History)


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